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German born artist Tilman lives and works in France, New York and Italy.

His body of work includes large, built structures, paintings, work on paper, editions and multiples. Tilman is interested in an individual’s perception of his art through their physical engagement with it, often making environments or built assemblies that one is required to walk through. Although these structures often look specific and calculated he works intuitively, responding to the environment and architecture of the site.


Tilman also creates paintings that are fabricated, for example the paintings in his series titled ‘House of Colour’ are constructed from multiple coloured components and are as beautifully executed from the back as from the front. Within this they actively engage with the viewer in such a way that participatory viewing is required in order to digest their layered visual presence. His works on paper are also constructed from layers of paper/colour that he hangs away from the wall. Through this altered viewing process Tilman facilitates a certain sense of humour to his work.


Tilman undertakes commissions and shows in galleries globally and has also founded and curated numerous respected galleries including d.a.c. dolce acqua arte contemporanea, Dolceacqua, Italy, CCNOA center for contemporary non-objective art Brussels, and H29 Brussels.